Racing Day 2 - Race 3 - Closing

IOANNIDEIA 2017 ORC Challenge Trophy Mare Nostrum
Racing Day 2 - Race 3 - Closing

Another record breaking year for Ioannideia Organizers. After the Optimist Mediterranean Championship with almost 160 sailors from 18 countries, ORC Challenge Trophy Mare Nostrum got completed yesterday breaking the mark of 50 yachts just by one. The biggest fleet in Offshore Sailing history in Cyprus.
The Championship was organized by the Famagusta Nautical Club, as part of Ioannideia 2017, an established event for the past 5 years and for sure the biggest sailing event in Cyprus. This year’s ORC Challenge Trophy Mare Nostrum served as an Official ORC Test Event for next year’s organization of the 2018 ORC European Championship that would take place at the same venue. The Regatta was completed successfully with great sailing and lots of fun for all the participants.
Blue Wave from Israel, the Cypriot Crew IronFX and Famagusta Nautical Club, along with Lataka-Be again from Israel manage to take 1st , 2nd and 3rd in the Overall Category, as well as the ORC Challenge Trophy category and the Perpetual Trophy and the ORC Club A Category.
For the Sunday Trophy Race “Andreas Ioannides”, Blue Wave took another 1st position with Twins and IronFX both from Famagusta Nautical Club, Cyprus taking 2nd and 3rd.
For ORC Club B Category Twins, Prince Nicholas and Almyra took the first 3 positions. Prince Nicolas took 2nd although there was a tie with Almyra in points.
For the Cruising Classes, Lothian Sky, Luna Rosa and Pavlina got the first three places in class A where Y-Knot, Galaxy III and Mojo took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd accordingly.



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