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IOANNIDEIA 2017 – 2018


Famagusta Nautical Club, Ioannideia Organizers and Aegean Airlines announce their Partnership for 2017 – 2018, giving downwind air to the Sails of the Sailors travelling to Cyprus for the 2018 IODA (Optimist) World Championship and the 2018 ORC European Championship, as well as all the Official Test Events, Clinics and Camps schedule from August 2017 all the way to the main Events of 2018.

After months of talks and negotiations, all parties came to an agreement and Aegean Airlines becomes a major partner to Famagusta Nautical Club and Ioannideia Organizers.

The deal will provide travelers with discount prices on air-tickets travelling from all over the World to Cyprus either for participating in Test Events or being part of the two major Sailing Events in 2018.

The Famagusta Nautical Club and Ioannideia organizers are thankful to the commitment of Aegean and are proud to have the Best Regional Airline in Europe (Skytrax World Airline Awards 2016) to be part of the biggest Sailing event ever organized in Cyprus.

“Today we have succeeded in adding major value to Ioannideia 2017 – 2018 after adding such a significant partner on our organizing roster, as Aegean is”, stated by Stelios Charalambous, Acting President of Famagusta Nautical Club and Director of Ioannideia.

Details, soon.

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