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Canoe/Kayak the Growing WaterSport…

Sea Canoeing/Kayaking is one of the fastest growing water sports. It particularly appeals to people who like to get out into wild and beautiful places without the artificiality, smell and noise of an engine. In a sea canoe/kayak, you can explore fascinating islands, coastlines and sea lochs with the freedom to go where no other form of transport can take you. Canoeing/Kayaking can be serene, a peaceful  way of moving through the marine landscape. But if you like some excitement, we can find wild tide races and powerful waves to challenge your skill and taste for adventure.

Sea Canoes/kayaks differ from other canoes/kayaks in that they are generally longer (usually about 5 to 6 meters) They are sleek and fast with hatches and water tight compartments for storing camping equipment and supplies. If you have paddled general purpose canoes/kayaks before, you will be amazed by how smoothly a sea canoe/kayak cuts through the water.

Learning to paddle a sea canoe/kayak is not difficult, but it’s not obvious. Some of the correct techniques are contra-intuitive, so it pays to get proper tuition so that you don’t acquire bad habits. And of course, safety is extremely important. Sea canoeing/kayaking in Cyprus has an excellent safety record, but this is due to the well thought out and carefully structured coaching. The Famagusta Nautical Club (FNC) has established exacting standards for canoe/kayak instructors and controls the award of qualifications. A paddler who has learned with an FBC coach will be aware of the risks and have skills and techniques that turn a threat into a bit of fun.

In addition, FNC will give you the opportunity to compete at the highest level of competition with greate chances of success.

For Canoeing & Kayaking lessons for all ages, you can contact us at anytime.

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