Christmas Presents By MBS

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The Merry Christmas Wishes from MBS (Moscow Building Service) came with the most wonderful surprise for the Rowing & Canoe/Kayak Teams of the Famagusta Nautical Club.

Today, a day just before Christmas, trucks and cranes associated with MBS, as well as employees of the Company delivered a very professional platform for the launching needs of Rowing and Canoe/Kayak Teams. A much needed launching dock for our athletes using the Germasogia Water Dump.

On behalf of the athletes, coaches and parents, The Board Members of the Famagusta Nautical Club express their appreciation for a great gesture from great people and a great company, in MBS that embraced water sports in Cyprus, especially at our Club.


May You Have A Wonderful Merry Christmas & A Happy 2016.

Your Support is Very Well Appreciated.

Rowing Dock 2  Rowing Dock 3  Rowing Dock 4

Rowing Dock 1  Rowing Dock 5

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