Chs Booster Training at FNC

Chs Booster Training at FNC

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Chs Booster Training at FNC

Famagusta Nautical Club in cooperation with Chs gym presented yesterday Saturday May 12th,  with great success, the NEW Deapartment of the Club, in Beach Training.
CHS BEACH BOOSTER, a circuit training class utilizing beach area and the sea.

The class consists of 8-10 different exercises / stations rotated by the class participants in a circular manner.
The goal is for the participants to complete the whole circuit.  Every exercise is to be performed in 20-30 seconds with 10-15 second rest in between.
This class is based on simple yet effective bodyweight exercises and exercises using minimum equipment (bands, plates etc) that can be easily stored and set up for the class.

CHS BEACH BOOSTER is a high intensity interval training.
This kind of training consists of brief and intense periods of work, separated by short rest periods.
The purpose of IT is mainly weight loss and conditioning, depending on the fitness level of a person.
The class delivers a mix of cardio, resistance training and plyometrics using upbeat music and fun atmosphere. 

The class is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and sizes, as majority of exercises have easy, medium and hard options to choose from.
The program of the class changes daily, therefore it never gets boring and repetitiv.
CHS BEACH BOOSTER is a custom designed class by CHS trainers and fitness instructors.

Initial Classes are scheduled every:
Wednesday at 18:00
Saturday at 08:30

Prices as follows:
Monthly subscription : €40.00
One time entry fee : €10.00

Groups of at least 5 people can request their own schedule
Contact Info.:  25 250101

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