General Assembly 2015




The Board of Directors of Famagusta Nautical Club invites the Club’s Tactical Members to the Annual General Assembly on Sunday, April 5th 2015 at 9:30am at the premises of the Club, in Limassol Cyprus. Subjects:      ( a ) Approval of last year’s General Assembly Minutes ( b ) Overall review of 2014 from the President ( c ) 2014 Financials ( d ) 2015 Budget ( e ) Discussion / Approval of 2014 Financials and 2015 Budget ( f ) Appoint Financial Contollers ( g ) Others Any Tactical Member has the right to ask and place a subject for discussion if he/she requests so in writing, at least three (3) prior to the date of the General Assembly. Based on the Statue of the Club, participants to the General Assembly have to have their annual membership fees paid up-to-dated. Note:Incase, thereisnoquorummembersattimeofthestartoftheAssemblythen,and basedontheClub’sStatue, the Annual General Assembly will be postponed for half an hour and will then begin its work with the present member.

Board of Directors

Famagusta Nautical Club

Limassol, March 6th, 2015


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