Ioannideia 2017 Optimist Race Day 2

Ioannideia 2017 Optimist Race Day 2

IOANNIDEIA 2017 Optimist Mediterranean Championship
Race Day 2

Although the Organizers faced with some strange wind conditions they still manage to get in all 6 races of the Qualification Series moving to racing day 3 and the Final Series.  Leading the Gold Fleet is Luisa Muller from Germany followed by Richard Schultheis from Malta and Dimitris Sourlatzis from Greece.  The Silver Fleet is led by Efstratia Kolida from Greece followed by Aris Stamatopoulos also from Greece and Feodor Zoubovski from Cyprus

Moving to another great day of sailing, hopefully  which will be followed with some fun.  Beach Party at 18:00

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