Amendment B SI (Jury) 09-09-2017

Amendment B SI (Jury) 09-09-2017

2017 Ioannideia ORC Challenge Trophy Mare Nostrum
Famagusta Nautical Club
Amendment B

Amendments to Sailing Instructions:

1. Delete and Replace SI 15:
Boats intending to protest because of an incident in the racing area, shall inform the Race Committee immediately after finishing or retiring. (This change rule 61.1).
Protest forms are available at the Race Office, as well as online on the Official Website of the event . Protests forms shall be delivered electronically at, by fax at 25 324057 or by hand within the protest time limit (2 hour after the boat finish).

The Race Office will inform the competitors of time and place of hearing in which the parties are involved by publication on the notice board at the premises of Famagusta Nautical Club, on the Website of the event under Ioannideia News section at and personal contact.

Decisions of the Jury will be final as provided in the rule RRS 70.5.
On the last day of the regatta a request for reopening a hearing or request for redress for a jury decision shall be delivered:

  1. within the protest time limit if the party requesting reopening was informed of the decision on the previous day.
  2. no later than 30 minutes after the party requesting reopening was informed of the decision on that day.

This changes RRS 62.2 and 66.
09 September 2017, 09:40

Jury Committee

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