ORC 2018 European Championship

ORC 2018 European Championship

Barcelona Spain, Wednesday November 9th 2016 – ORC General Assembly

In 2018, Cyprus will be the center of the sailing world. After a successful BID for the Optimist World Championship (2018 IODA World Championship), the Famagusta Nautical Club, represented by the Secretary General, Stelios Charalambous managed to deservedly claim and win the 2018 ORC European Championship, as well.

At the Annual General Meeting of Offshore Racing Congress (ORC), held on 4-9 of November in Barcelona, Spain, the 2018 ORC European Championship was officially awarded to the Famagusta Nautical Club and the organizers of Ioannideia.

It is the first time in history that these two events will be held on the island, and for the first time will be held together by the same organizer.

The Famagusta Nautical Club, the organizers of Ioannideia in partnership with Limassol Marina, Sports Co-Organizer Moscow Building Service and Communication Sponsor RIK have set the stage for perhaps the largest sailing event ever happened on the island.

“A huge sports Golgotha, that if we climb it successfully, sailing, tourism and other benefits will exceed our expectations over the years to come,” said the Secretary General, Stelios Charalambous.

“Just managing to stand successfully at the highest level of sailing and claim the organization of such events in the same year at the same place and prevail, this itself indicates the quality of work that has been achieved in recent years and the good infrastructure we have build, as a Club and Organizers of Ioannideia”.

“We have a huge feat in front of us and we hope for the help of everyone, especially the assist of the government and the local authorities.”

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