Power Boats

Fotis Protopapas –
mob +357 99 598746

Nicolas Epiphaniou –
mob. +357 99 642734

Power Boat Racing the most facinating sport of the seas…

Just imagine…‘you strapped into a racing safety seat, with a throttle control and the steering wheel.  Wrapped around you 400kg of state-of-the-art fiberglass or wooden powerboat.  Behind you, a 100hp engine capable of speeds in excess of 80mph/1250kmh.  In front of you unpredictable seas, either side, boats just inches apart. The flag drops; full throttle – it’s a breathtaking charge to the first turn buoy’…welcome to the unique and exhilarating world of Power Boat Racing…an unrivalled cocktail of world-class racing and entertainment.

The Famagusta Nautical Club is the one only Club in Cyprus to introduce and promote Power Boat Racing.  As the only member of  U.I.M. (International Motor
Sport Federation), the Club is servicing as an Official Association of Power Boat Racing in Cyprus.  With more than 50 years history of Power Boat Racing in Cyprus, it is our honor to serve and promote the most exciting sport of the seas.

For Power Boat Racing you can contact us at anytime.


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