Esbjerg, Denmark, September 17, 2019. Completed on Tuesday the first transnational meeting of Erasmus Plus working group, composed of Bohrskolen and Eliteidræt Esbjerg (DEN), the British School of Brussels (BEL),

Hudiksvalls Gymnastikförening and Bromangymnasiet (SWE), and Famagusta Nautical Club (CYP).

The group set the stage of the project, “Personality – Perseverance – Practice – Protection – Promotion: Supporting our young sports athletes to succeed in their dual careers”, discussed and analyzed in detail all aspects of it, set timelines and tasks to all members, and scheduled the next upcoming transnational meetings and training sessions for the months to follow.

The project team also visited the facilities of the two Danish members and talked with young athletes, coaches, teachers and principals regarding their organizations.

The two-year project is now under way with the next meeting set in Belgium on December 9-10, 2019.

A Great Thank you to the initiator of the project and host of the first transnational meeting, Bohrskolen and Eliteidræt Esbjerg, especially to Mr. Morten Heide and Mr. Morten Basse, for the excellent hospitality and organization.

The President, Mr.Stelios Charalambous and Head of Office Administration, Mrs. Nectaria Papadopoullou represented the Famagusta Nautical Club on this 1st Transnational Meeting.

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