Racing Day 1 – Race 1

IOANNIDEIA 2017 ORC Challenge Trophy Mare Nostrum
RACE Day 1

Following yesterday’s practice race, as well as the first race of the National Championship 2017, the first race of Ioannideia 2017 ORC Challenge Trophy Mare Nostrum just got completed in a day of medium wind of 15 knots. Leading the way in the Overall Category as well as in ORC Class A is Blue Wave followed in the same category by Lataka – Be and IronFX. Second overall is Prince Nicolas which is also leading ORC Class B followed by Twins which is also third overall, and Almyra.
In the Cruising categories, Luna Rosa, Lothian Sky and Pavlina are leading the way in Cruising A Class and in Cruising B Mojo, Aurelia and Y-Knot are the top three.

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