Re-Start Club Operation

Based on the new Government Directives regarding COVID 19 and the lift of the restrictive measures, in sports, Famagusta Nautical Club will begin partial operation, on May 22nd 2020.

Because of the fact that NO decision is made regarding the use of swimming pools, on the above mentioned date, practice will begin for the departments of canoe/kayak, rowing, sailing and wakeboard.

With the beginning of training of the above departments the following are forbidden:

  • The entrance to the training center for people beyond athletes & coaches
  • The use of changing rooms. Athletes should attend training in their practice uniforms and with the completion of training they should change outside the training facilities.
  • Every training team should NOT exceed 10 athletes

It is also given that all sessions will follow all government directives, as well as the hygiene instructions.

Swimming and Waterpolo will begin practices once directives from Cyprus Sport Authority are released regarding the use and the way of use of the swimming pools.

For the time being, the Gym of the Club will remain closed.

The Administration Office of the Club will be open for the Members and general public on Monday, May 25th 2020.

Based also, on Government Directives, NOA Restaurant & Bar will also be in operation using only the outside premises, on May 21st 2020.

Registration for Summer Camp, and based on the new directives again, will be accepted through the online registration form ONLY
( ).  Payments will be made on first day of attendance, if everything goes as planned and without any major drawbacks.  Because of the situation, summer camp groups will be smaller which will make the numbers of registration limited.

We urge you to follow the official media sites of the Club, in order to be informed for any changes, updates or new instructions.

Famagusta Nautical Club
Board of Directors
May 8th 2020

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