The Success Story

Optimist/Radial National Championships 2020

When , in a water sport organization, you manage to have the right board members in place, established and knowledgeable coaches, correct communication with parents at all levels and athletes that are setting the highest goals through competition then the results can be unbelievable:

Optimist NC 2020:
Emilios Max Boeros 1st Overall, 1st in Boys, sailCY Team, FNC
Yiannis Miltiadous 2nd Overall, 2nd in Boys, FNC Racing Team
Giorgos Michael 3rd Overall, 3rd in Boys, sailCY Team, FNC
Andriani Georgiou 5th Overall, 1st in Girls, sailCY Team, FNC
Demetris Gregoriou 10th Overall, 9th in Boys, 3rd U12 in Boys FNC Racing Team
Andrea Papazoglou 12th Overall, 2nd in Girls, 1st U12 in Girls, FNC Racing Team
Giorgos Siailos 14th Overall, 12th in Boys, FNC Racing Team
Giorgos Konnaris 15th Overall, 13th in Boys, 5th U12, FNC Racing Team
Maria Ellina, 18th Overall, 6th in Girls, FNC Racing Team
Gavriela Argyrou 19th Overall, 7th in Girls, 2nd U12, FNC Racing Team

Laser Radial NC 2020:
Marilena Makri, 1st Overall, 1st in Women, 1st U19, 1st U21, sailCY, FNC
Sotiris Miltiadous 3rd Overall, 2nd in Men, 1st U17 2nd U19, sailCY, FNC
Panos Constantinou 6th Overall, 5th in Men FNC Racing Team
Andri Papastavrou 7th Overall, 2nd in Women, 1st U17, 2nd U19, 2nd U21, sailCY, FNC
Haris Nicolaou 8th Overall, 6th in Men, 2nd U17, 4th U19, sailCY, FNC
Maria Christina Michael 15th Overall, 3rd in Women, 2nd U17, 3rd U19, 3rd U21 FNC Racing Team
Despina Makri, 18th Overall, 4th in Women, 4th U21 FNC Racing Team

Congratulations to ALL Sailors that participated to the National Championships
A Job Well Done to ALL Coaches for the excellent work throughout
Antonis Drosopoulos
Haris Tsolis
Rafail Michaelides
A big thank you to ALL Parents for their Support &
A Bravo to Our Team Leader & Director of Sailing for Organizing the entire event & logistics,
Mr. Boeros

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