Water Polo

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Water Polo the Sport of Stamina…

Water polo is one of the most demanding of all team sports, requiring high levels of stamina. Two teams of seven players compete in the swimming pool, each attempting to throw the ball into the oppositions goal. With players not allowed to touch the floor of the pool during play, they must tread water when they are not swimming to either carry or retrieve the ball. The game is also very physical with players fighting for control of the ball and blocking each other when in and out of possession.

The game of water polo was developed both in Europe and America through the early nineteenth century.  In Europe, the game began as a mixture of football, rugby and polo and was used at county fairs and festivals to demonstrate physical prowess in the swimming pool. In America the game was being played with paddles and was very violent with ‘dunking’ permitted as part of the attempts to gain control of the ball.  The sport was formalized in 1870 by the London Swimming Association and basic rules were drawn up which are largely in force today.

Beyond mastering skills and achieving physical fitness, our swimmers will gain confidence, sportsmanship, discipline, commitment and an understanding that success results from hard work and goal setting. They will learn the value of being part of a team.  Our aim is to make swimming an important and enjoyable part of our members’ lives. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in many aspects of the team.

In Famagusta Nautical Club there are five age categories for female and male:


  • YOUTH (age 8-12),
  • JUNIOR C (age13-14) / JUNIOR B (age 15-16) / JUNIOR A (age 17-18)
  • SENIORS (age 18+).

For Water Polo lessons for all ages, you can contact us at anytime.

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